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Jeffrey Connor
The Connor Party hails from backgrounds as diverse as their song list. Jeff Connor grew up in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The son of a piano/flutist mother and an audiophile father, Jeff started playing piano at age fourteen and moved into guitar a year later. He did have some formal training on guitar…he was kicked out of his only guitar lesson after about fifteen minutes and was taken under the musical wing of his brother. Through his father and brother, Jeff was immersed in the works of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed and learned every song available to him by the iconic singer/songwriters. After attending Cornell in Ithaca, Jeff found a cozy home in his Ford Ranger and earned a living busking all over the country. He eventually landed in Lake Tahoe, California one Winter, and while reconnecting with his childhood passion of ski racing, met John Munroe…

John was born in Salem, Massachusetts in the season of the witch. He started playing guitar at age eleven fueled by his dads eclectic music collection, which was always blaring in his childhood home. As sounds of Guns N Roses, Hendrix and Zeppelin filled the air, John got more proficient on his guitar, and started playing in the band, Lush Puppies. In between long days working on the lobster boats, and long nights playing in the clubs, John’s mind would look ahead to Winter and to his second passion: Skiing powder in the Sierra Nevada. After attending Berklee School of Music in Boston, John headed to Lake Tahoe as a ski patroller at Kirkwood Resort.

The musical chemistry shared by Jeff and John was immediately apparent and they started playing around Lake Tahoe as The Connor Party. Still fueled by a love of authentic music, fresh powder and of all things regarding life in the mountains, you’ll find them applying their passions to their lives, and kicking sonic ass all over Lake Tahoe and beyond.

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